Welcome to Bud Ellis Photography located in the Sedona-Verde Valley (Arizona) area. Click on tabs on the left to select photo topic. Select a folder from the drop down menu. Click on thumbnails in the filmstrip to select photos. Click on photos to open full screen in a new window. Call or email me for a free consultation. Original photos are 16 megapixels (4928x3280 at 7-10 MB), and I will be happy to send you a sample. For time and convenience I have reduced photos here to 1200 x 800 or smaller. My main business is real estate photography. Besides nature and local events my favorite photograph location is France, where I have lived for three years and return frequently. I have a MA in French and Spanish and speak the language of both countries fluently.

I also do school photos and portraits, but I don't post children's photos. Thanks for stopping by!